Bhoot Bada Ki Bhookh

Bittu’s mother, a widow works as a farm labour to provide food for her child. One day, the mother lay listlessness in fever. Bittu in hunger picks up ‘kheer — puri’ and coconut from a deserted street. Bittu decides to eat the ‘kheer — puri’ and takes to the coconut to his friend, Chandu.

Both friends eats coconut, Chandu ask him, this food is usually kept out for spirits,Bittu is unable to sleep that night. Bittu hugs his mother and ask if ghosts are really that huge. His mother tells him that hunger is much bigger than ghost.

Bittu and his mother cross the same street. Bittu’s mother walks on, but he recognizes the street, then he remembers what his mother told him last night and feels much better. They walk ahead together to confront the everyday struggle of hunger.

  • Mitalee Jagtap Varadkar
  • Sidarth Ravi Devendra
  • Mayur M. Gangurde
  • Mansing Salokhe
  • Director :  Amandeep Singh
  • Producer :  Bharati Amarnath
  • Story Screenplay Dialogue :  Amarnath
  • Editor :  Amandeep Singh
  • Music :  Kuldeep-Avinash
  • Cinematography :  Girish Jambhalikar
  • Sound Engineer :  Onkar Bendre
  • Titles & Graphics :  Sameer Godase
  • Winner best writer :  Darbhanga International Film Festival, 2013
  • Best Concept : Romania Film Festival, 2012
  • Nomination : Darbhanga International Film Festival, 2013
  • Nomination : Chennai International Film Festival, 2013
  • Official Screening : Mumbai International Film Festival, 2013
  • Official Screening : Wipro Film Festival, 2013

Anathanchi Yashodha

While she was getting acquined with alfabets, her slate-pencil was taken away & in place, she had to drive cattle. She was forced to marry in her tender age.She was expelled for her house by her sceptical husband. Now, Neither father’s home nor husband’s home was for her. In such a situation, she had to wander here & there with her infant baby. She had to beg alms singing song in trains.
But she conquered over the situation of troubles & adversities. She took leap towards the sky from ash, as phynics do. By hard working day & night, she established many orphanages & offerd them affection and fondness to these children who were deprived of love of their parents. Now, she became MAI for all. This is a fiction based documentry film of SINDHUTAI SAPKAL, who created everything out of nothing for the orphan children.

  • Sindhutaai Sapkal
  • Shravani Shinde
  • Yogita Potdar
  • Writer & Director :  Amarnath
  • Producer :  Paresh Bhosale
  • Co-Director & Cinematographer :  Amandeep Singh
  • Music :  Kuldeep-Avinash
  • Lyrics :  Sudhir Mulik, Mamata Sindhutaai Sapkal
  • Subtitles :  Chandrasekhar R. Behere
  • Editor :  Javed (Raju) Athanikar, Ideas Multimedia, Kolhapur
  • Poster :  Sameer Godase


Maruti is poor farm laborer. Hiscow helps to maintain his familiesdaily needs. Once the cow destroyedthe crop in the field owned by Bappu.Bappu is one of the prestigious andinfluential person of the village. Bappuirritated with the cow and locked herup in cattle-cage (kondwada) of thevillage.Villagers surprised to seeBappu’s act because he is a wellknown cow worshiper. Maruti & hisFamily members request Bappu to setfree the cow, but Bappu defies therequest. Maruti disappoints & feel noway out of the situation.At that time, Maruti’s one of theingenious colleagues comes forward tohelp Maruti. They take their barrenand useless cow to Bappu and insisthim to take the barren cow to takecare of.Now Bappu finds no option leftother than to set free the Maruti’s cow

  • Maruti Sonawane (Father)
  • Rita Bhatt (Mother)
  • Saurabh Borade (Village Boy)
  • Adinath Admane (Bapu Sarpanch)
  • Writer – Director :  Lakshman Chavan
  • Screenplay – Dialogue :  Amarnath
  • Cinematography – Editing :  Amandeep Singh
  • Music :  Kuldeep – Avinash
  • 2nd Cameraman :  Rohit Nagulpelli
  • Subtitles :  Chandrashekhar R. Behere
  • Assistant Directors :  Vijay Shinde, Suraj Katare
  • Voiceover :  Disha Shaikh
  • Semi Finalist : The Rebel Minded International Film Festival, New York
  • Nominated : Lost Land International Film Festival, France
  • Official Selection :  Emirates Short Film Festival, Dubai, UAE
  • Official Selection : 3rd Pune International Short Film Festival
  • Nominated : Tejas Foundation International Short Film Festival, Nashik
  • Official Screening : Prabhat Chitra Mandal Short Film Festival, Mumbai
  • Official Selection : Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival
  • Official Selection :  NettyWood Film Festival, Online Film Festival
  • Official Selection :  Ahmednagar International Film Festival, India

Report Card

Ayush is a small boy studying in School. His father wants that he must get the high numbers in every exam. Once Ayush got low marks in examination. His father angry and refuse to sign on report card. On that evening, on the birthday of Ayesha’s grandmother, the family stops to take a bouquet at a flower shop. They go ahead by purchasing bouquet. At that time, a poor boy on the road took flowers in his hands and urged them to buy flowers. The father of Ayush tells him that he has taken flowers. But the boy repeatedly urges to buy his flowers. Ayush’s father scolds him. Ayush remembers that this is the same boy, who was begging in the morning and his father gave him ten rupees in quick. Ayush tells his father that in the morning you gave money him as alms and now when he is trying to work hard, you are refusing. That thing touched the father’s heart. He buys all the flowers from that boy and gives it a blessing and asks are you wishing to go to school? The boy refuses and announces the desire to study the school. Dad says that you will meet me in this place tomorrow morning I will arrange your studies. Father feels that it is not enough to get only the number in the exam, seeing understanding and sensation of his son about life, he happily signs the report card.

  • Vedant Palai (Aayush)
  • Sumit Gadkhe (Father)
  • Sayali Oak- Deshpande (Mother)
  • Aditya Ohole (Jeetu)
  • Prakash Giri (Old Man)
  • Writer – Director : Amol Kadam
  • Producer : Sunanda Kadam
  • Producer : Surekha Mane
  • Screenplay – Dialogues :  Amarnath
  • Cinematography : Amandeep Singh
  • Assistant Director/Editor/DI : Swapnil V Gajbhare
  • Music : Dylan C. Jones (Luzzaro Music)
  • Dubbing & Mixing Engineer : Avinash Thombare
  • Casting Director : Kishor Koli
  • Subtitles : Chandrashekhar R. Behere
  • 2nd Cameraman : Rohit Nagulpelli
  • 3rd Cameraman : Vikas Kumar Vinodia
  • Finalist :  Keleidoscope Film Festival, Hyderabad, India
  • Official Selection :  International Safe community Film Festival, IRAN
  • Official Screening :  Emirates Short Film Festival, Dubai, UAE
  • Official Selection :  Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival, Mumbai
  • Official Screening :  Ahmednagar International Film Festival, India
  • Official Selection :  Nettywood Online Film Festival
  • Official Screening :  Kalaparna Film Festival, Pune, India
  • Nominated :  12th CMS International Children’s Film Festival, Lucknow India


A school-boy before leaving home for his school, requested his mother for school fees, But the mother had no money to give her son. The disappointed boy left home for school. On the way-side he found a wallet with some cash in it. He was pleased to know that the cash was enough to purchase some confection also clothes for him.At the same time, the boy saw an aged man searching for his lost wallet.He had to purchase medicines for his sick relative. The boy recognized the man because of his photograph in the wallet. The boy returned the wallet to the aged man with compassion.

  • Sumit Shinde
  • Fakira Shinde
  • Sushama Sathe
  • Ramakant Kulkarni
  • Writer – Director : Mukesh Sony
  • Producer : Mukesh Sony
  • Cinematography : Amandeep Singh
  • Editor : Chetan Arun
  • Music : Scott Holmes, A Shamaluev Music, Komiku, P_C_III
  • Production Team : Anjali Singh, Arti Sony, Bipin Patil, Pranav Bhandare
  • Official Selection :  Elpaso Impact International Film Festival, Texas, USA
  • Official Selection : Sahar International Short Film Festival, United Kingdom
  • Official Selection :  Parrot National Film Festival, Sivan, India
  • Official Selection : Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival, Mumbai, India
  • Official Selection : Chitra Bharati Short Film Festival, Kolkata, India
  • Official Selection : NettyWood Online Film Festival
  • Official Selection : International Children Film Festival, Lucknow, India