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When it comes to Creative Development, you can count on us to continue working until it’s exactly what you’re looking for while still staying within your timeline and budget. If you have questions, contact us today


As one of the most challenging stages in any project, we specialize in providing Pre-Production to our clients. With our team of experts, rest assured that your visual content will be nothing short of exceptional


This is when the camera rolls. It is nearly always the most expensive phase of film production, due to actor, director, and set crew salaries, as well as the costs of certain shots, props, and on-set special effects.


With a team dedicated to Post-Production, we guarantee to provide the highest quality result for all of our clients. No matter what type of project you’re looking to create, we’re here to make it reality


Creative Inputs

The start of a project varies, but generally will begin with development of a script, be that an existing script, a book, a brief story outline. Development may also start with a Director and/or Writer pitching an idea to a Producer

Budget Planning

Now we’ve looked at the money involved in film making, its time to take a more detailed look at the stages a film goes through and try to make it on low Budget

Artists, Location & Properties

We all know we can’t get cash returns from Short Films. So we try to make stories on minimum artist and to try to arrange location on minimum cost also try to manage properties on very low cost


Creative Writing

Suspense and conflict, figures of speech and points of view, rhyme and rhythm, setting and scene, form and structure, diction and dialog, exposition and narration, plot and theme, assonance and consonance, induction and deduction, line breaks and stanzas


Creating a storyboard might just sound like an extra step in the process of making a video for your business, but trust us it’s a step you won’t want to ignore. Best way to share your vision Makes production much easier saves you time. It’s an important part of the process because it allows the director to consider how the images and action being described within the written word of the screenplay will translate into real, physical images on the viewer’s screen.

Casting and Location Hunting

Cast a actor or actress who is looks like stories character . he or she should be experienced and also ready to work with minimum budget.
Location is very much important part of film making it describes helps in storytelling



This is when the camera rolls. It is nearly always the most expensive phase of film production, due to actor, director, and set crew salaries, as well as the costs of certain shots, props, and on-set special effects. Everything that has happened up to this point is to make principal photography go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Communication between all parties is crucial during the shoot and the production must maintain a full set of records and strive to remain on time and on budget


There is two options to record audio or Dialogues. We can use recorders and mic and record all audio on actual shoot location it’s called Sync Sound. No need of any sound devices, just shoot as per your story and record reference sound in camera and after 1st cut of editing we can go for recording studio for dubbing.

Lights and Rigs (Grips)

Lighting is an integral part of cinematography, and it’s one of the few areas of filmmaking that has infinite arrangements of set-ups. Quite like camera terminology, there are many variations of tools and lighting language. We are using some grips or rigs to stabilize frame or to create some artistic frames which can say everything



Film editing is both a creative and a technical part of the post production process of filmmaking. The term is derived from the traditional process of working with film which increasingly involves the use of digital technology. This stage starts when principal photography ends, but they may overlap. The bulk of post-production consists of reviewing the footage and assembling the movie – editing. There are 2 ways of editing 1st one is Linear Editing and Non Linear Editing.

Music Creation

Music is a powerful tool in movies that can not only create mood/emotion but make scenes more memorable and even change the entire meaning of the scene. We create our own music according to Story mood , also we borrow some music from music directors and online music portals.

DI and Titles

Color Correction means exactly that, correcting the color in your image in the post production process. If the task of correcting an image is not in your workflow, you may be missing out on how great your image could look. It is one of the task of being a director of photography to get the best image to your colorist that you can. Titles play an important role in the marketing, reception, and even understanding of a film they are often the first piece of information that a viewer is given. Since a title needs to be appealing, memorable, original, and encapsulating all at once, a good title can be hard to come by.

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